1.     An analysis of the skin meta-transcriptome, metabolome and single-cell host transcriptome in S. aureus-colonised atopic dermatitis. Sanofi iAward £75,000. Flohr, C. (PI), Moyes DL, Alexander, A, Tsoka & S, Shoaie, S.

2.     e-HoMIniCS - elucidation of Host Microbiome Interactions in Cosmetic Skin: BBSRC-LINK/Unilever £1,100,000. Moyes DL & Shoaie, S.

3.     Modelling host-microbiome interactions on the skin. Unilever. £77,721. Moyes DM & Shoaie, S.

4.     MICROB-PREDICT: MICROBiome-based biomarkers to PREDICT decompensation of liver cirrhosis and treatment response, EC - European Commission, £12,300,000. Shawcross, D., Moyes, D., McPhail, M. & Shoaie, S


5.     Quantitative Systems Biology Tools to Design Microbiome-Derived Products, EPSRC-UKRI Innovation Fellowships, £463,712.00. Shoaie, S.


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